Who are we
A Magic Place

History leaves traces of itself and comes back to life again, completely renewed in the Masseria Padulicchie, today called “La Turrita”. We are talking about a structure that was probably begun in the 16th century and was then consolidated as a true and authentic fortified watchtower at the beginning of the Renaissance. From then, like pearls set in stone, detailed decoration and the restructuring work, it is just a magic now as it was in the past, boasting a welcome that pays as much attention to detail now as did the decoration of the past. Colours, scents, lights and shadows all frame a place that lives outside of time and yet is modern, in which the tranquillity that nature offers is the calling card of a Salento that embraces you with its particulars and home pleasures. The two sisters Maria and Simona give life and emotion to this place as if it were their very own child.

Genuine Tradition

The hands of tradition are those that pass down the recipes and secrets of the past. Evedyday they recreate the family atmosphere when we gather round the breakfast table. The unmistakeable tastes and scents that come from the pasticcioni and pass onto the home-made preserves and jams, the friselline, the bread, the pastries and the fruit; all genuine, made with love and passion, caring for every small detail.

The Rooms
Tranquillity and Relaxation

Named with places particular to the area, the agriturismo’s seven rooms welcome the guests in an ambience cooled and freshened by air conditioning units. Every room is bright and furnished whit everything the guest will require, having its own bathroom and spacious shower facility.

The Pool
A Corner of Paradise

The pool area is a place of relaxation, like the blue of the water in a corner of Paradise. Here the guests of “La Turrita” can relax and unwind. Drops of freshness, particularly evocative in the evening, offer and environment of complete tranquillity, with the availability of sun-loungers for those wishing to sunbathe, sunshades and area specially provided for sampling our fruits and appetisers next to the water.

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Agriturismo La Turrita
Masseria Padulicchie 73026 Borgagne (LE) - zona Laghi Alimini

329.4133926 (Luca)
380.3274133 (Maria)